Simply More Consultants "Simple is More and Profitability Matters"
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Project Management

Product development, Product verification, Specification work for instance.


Strategic Sourcing, Project - as well as Operative purchasing.

Cost Reduction Logistics

Set up of Supply Chain, Manufacturing, MRP system, staff and the "mind set" of the total Supply chain in harmony within the clients marketplace.


Implemetation of Quality and enviromental systems according to

ISO9000 and ISO14000.

Support working according to REACH

Operative Support like

Analyze quality problems propose solutions, set up routines for communicate and measure quaility figures internal and external.

Perform quality audits (quality, enviromental and social)

Lean production with tools like

5S, Jit flow analyzis, line-side-landed cost, Kan-Ban & Min max models, IT support tools and more

Design Capabilities

The design work is made together with partners and consultants. Simply More can develop a product from the client idea or specification until it is finally industrialized.  

Electronic design

Mechanical design

SoftWare design

All the Simply More consultants work with the mind set on "Simple is More" and "Profitability Matters".


HomeAboutProductsServicesCost Reduction Consignment StockBildgalleriBloggForum