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Cost Reduction Tool
Category Management
Purchasing Strategy
Total Cost of O ship
SCM in real world
Cost Reduction Tool

Cost Reduction Tool Box.

Simply More Consultants work with following Tools for succeeding with the clients objectives for cost reduction.

  • Purchasing Strategy
  • Category Management
  • Total Cost of Ownership in practic
  • Supply Chain Management in practic
  • Agreement structure supporting win-win relationsships
  • Vendor adapted way of working for successful negotiations
  • BOM (Bill of Material) analyzes
  • Core Business Analysis vs. Supply Chain
  • Agreement analyzes from end customer to suppliers suppliers, is it in harmony?
  • Product Set-Up vs. customer market demand & supplier chain capabilities
  • Product pre-calculation supporting successful negotiations.
  • Primary, secondary and 3'rd suppliers. Who are our partners, who are  exchangeable, are we having the best strategy for handling our supply chain etc. we will help You do the set up for best results for Your company.

HomeAboutProductsServicesCost Reduction Consignment StockBildgalleriBloggForum