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Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction is not only about piece price and negotiations. Cost Reduction is much, much more. Simply More's Cost Reductions consultants will, from a broad perspective with a focus on a total cost, find the optimal solution for a successful cost reduction work for each client. Please try Us we will not disappoint You..


Cost Reduction Tool Box.

Simply More Consultants work with following Tools for succeeding with the clients objectives for cost reduction.

  • BOM (Bill of Material) analyzes
  • Core Business Analysis vs. Supply Chain
  • Agreement analyzes from end customer to the suppliers suppliers, what can be optimized? What way of handling stock is the easiest, most costeffective for Your situation?
  • Product Set-Up vs. customer market demand & supplier chain capabilities
  • Product pre-calculation supporting successful negotiation.
  • Identify the best sourcing/purchasing strategy for each customer, key suppliers, agreements ie

The result after using Simply More CR consultants are not only a significant cost reduction (-10 to -40%) but the client will also get the whole picture for the client supply chain with important inputs like;

  • Material risk analyzes, what is the worst case scenario sending out binding forecast to suppliers in USD? and what is the impact on the product price if we don't?

  • Peak flexibility, our suppliers can't cope with the actual demand because of non accurate (in time and volume) forecasts, Simply More has the solutions for solving this. 

  • Core or Non-Core that is the question, eith finding suppliers that can do the in house work better, leaving our client to focus on the right things.


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